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Enviro Wiz Game

Enviro Wiz® is a question and answer board game that has been developed to teach people about nature and the environment. It also comprises some green questions covering topics on recycling, saving water and electricity and other questions that create awareness on what impact humans could have on the environment depending on the choices they make.

There are 2 games, a junior version and the original version. The junior version is suitable for children from 6 years and the original version for older children from 13 years to adult. Adults can even learn from both versions.

Both games have been translated and are available in English with the corresponding Afrikaans on the reverse side of the card. The games have been developed for a minimum of two and a maximum of four players or teams. Not only will players learn about the environment, but they can also learn or patch up their English or Afrikaans vocabulary from the fully translated questions.

The junior game has 215 question- and answer cards that totals to over 400 questions. There are 2 questions per card. The first question is always a multiple choice question, and the second question requires an answer. The question that you choose to answer will determine the number of spaces that you will move - forward if you get it correct or backwards if you get it wrong. There are also some fun Eric cards that will tell you to move forward or backwards or skip your turn or for a bit of fun and laughter you may have to repeat a tongue twister rhyme before you can move forward. The subject and content of these rhymes are usually about nature and the environment.

The original board game has 225 question- and answer cards that totals to over 600 questions. There are 3 questions per card. The first question is always a multiple choice question and the second and third questions require answers. They are usually classified as medium and more difficult questions.

Both board play mats are made of PVC plastic that can be easily wiped off. The tokens used are four semi-precious stones. The games are beautifully presented in a tube for easy storage.

We have chosen to support 2 charity organisations and donate money from each game sold to them. The charities we support are SAMREC in Port Elizabeth who save and rehabilitate the African penguins and WESSA, specifically for their project on DNA testing of the rhino's, to assist with anti poaching of the rhino.

Enviro Wiz® "Giving it back to the environment one game at a time."